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As I'm mainly finding a home for this on my tumblr I forgot to post here yesterday. So!
Day2 - a song that makes me sad.

Tori Amos - Silent all these years.

Sad yes, but in a good way. Pretty much twenty years since I first heard this and it still raises the hairs on the back of neck. So evocative and I don’t think it’s aged a day, even though I have. I just can’t enough of this song.

Day 3 - A song that makes me nostalgic

Back to 1989, my first job as a YT in a record shop. Yes, records people. This really wasn’t the style of music I was into at the time, but it was played a lot in there. Partially down to the owner of the shop also being the manager of The Charlatans, even though they were in their pre Tim Burgess phase as he was coming in to pimp the indie single from his then band The Electric Crayons. I do often wonder just how much those little seven inch circles of vinyl that nobody bought would be worth these days.

Despite all the fantastic music that came out and was around that year, I’m going with this. It just has something wonderful about it and the extended instrumental madness at the end with the telephone just takes me back to being stood behind the counter of Omega Music in crewe at that very tender young age.

I’m now wondering why I didn’t put Debaser in this spot although I’m pretty sure that will find it’s own place in this list.

Until tomorrow my friends.


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