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Kings X - Goldilox (live)

This was going to be Summerland, actually picking a favourite tune by these guys really wouldn’t be easy. Until I found this video which is exactly what I remember happening when I went to see them at Rock City Nottingham in ‘99.

We were singing along to everything, quite a few times they started playing a song and only sang after the first verse. But for Goldilox, as in the video, they just played and we sang the whole thing. It was like some crazy karaoke.

I don’t listen to King’s X as much as I used, by I still love them. These days I listen to so many bands it would be impossible easy to to name a ‘favourite’ but this is from a time when I was younger and was that way inclined. King’s X were that then and I still think they’re fantastic. I’m quite gutted now that I haven’t seen them since. Really gutted to see that they’re playing the UK in a few weeks and I didn’t even know. While I’m lrping away the weekend they play Manchester and Wolves, I wont be the night they’re at the Electric Ballroom. You know how some things happen for a reason? How, something pops up and you just have to do it? I’ve got Whitby this next weekend and it’s a massive highlight of my year, but right now sat here typing this. I’ve got to say if I manage one thing this year, it’s to be there on Tuesday April 12th. *plot*plot*plot*

EDIT -fixed with correct video :0)~


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