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Thank you for all your kind words, they are muchly appreciated.

RIP Mia 13thJune04 - 1Dec05
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I got a text this morning and have come home to check on her.
She seems pretty stable, and not too freaked out, but I did notice that her claws look a lot more ragged than normal.
Now to read all the comments I haven't had chance to yet. I thought an announcement was more important.
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Where and what am I today then?
Fez the stinky, but oh so lovable ferrit has had 8 squirmy little babies, names are being collated as it was decided to name them after hats as she has been, currently we have Trilby, Bowler, Bicorn, Tricorn, Fedora, Panama, and are racking our brains for more, just so we have a decent amount to choose from when they start to show character.
Little Kitten gets evermore adventurous and big and sweet. A name has been chosen by me out if various ones I went through, in fact a missheard comment sounding like one name sparked off the final decision.
Nermal had been mentioned, but for me it just didn't fit, I would have liked to have called her Theda, as Theda Bara with her wide eyes, and the monochromatic nature of her fame lay well with a grey and white Kitten with Large eyes!
So then Thia, shortening the spoken word was looking a favourite. But it was while talking to [livejournal.com profile] shiregirl about the name, and it being mentioned that she usually just shouted "come here" that a slight mishearing caused my brain to spark, and it's now set,
Kindly meet )


Jun. 26th, 2004 10:11 pm
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A day spent shopping with other peoples money, little Kitten has one half open eye, and she's almost 2 weeks old, a name will be required of me soon, I have one or two ideas, and after seeing the Garfield trailer last night I'm kind of being forced Nermal way, and I have to say that it kind of fits, at least for now. We have a sneaky feeling she's gonna be a big one, so we'll see.
Either way, I've got to decide and I promised I'd decide after she opened her eyes, so I don't have too long to go.
More pictures tomorrow hopefully, when she'll (hopefully again) have both eyes open, and we can see what personality is lurking inside the furry grey ball.

Also my mindmap finally arrived, Here )

damn you!

Jun. 18th, 2004 10:27 am
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I need to get into the nice warm bath, and yet I must do this meme )
You're a bad influence [livejournal.com profile] renniek.
In other news, kittens seems to be starting to purr, and very slight faint meows, but at least her mummy can hear her.
It's raining?
But not for running around in the woods this weekend, still, it might brighten up, you never know.
Finally got round to buying the double disk dvd of 5th Element yesterday, all thanks to adsa selling it for under a tenner.
Right time to see if the bubbles are still there!

Here I am

Jun. 14th, 2004 03:44 am
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Still awake, and playing Alice to keep me awake until the kittens next feed, which I'm dreading. I fear that the small black and white one will not be with us when I next try to give milk with a syringe.
And the grey one really doesn't like it, but they must have it, Splatt is not producing, so as much as the little grey one dislikes it, I must persist, fearful of doing it wrong and flooding the poor little bugger's lungs.
I finally turned off the background rattle that was sex hour on Big Brother, and am thinking about getting a little sleep, or maybe trying out half a millilitre a little early.
According to the packet, they're supposed to have 2.5ml every two hours, but when you can only get it to take 3/4ml at best, small and frequent is, I think, the way.
Poor Splatt doesn't know what to do, so she does what comes natural, cleaning them, it seems to annoy them and make her happy, it's what family is all about.
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Well was woken up at 6.30 this morning with the news of new arrivals. Splattus McCattus has had two kittens, and she's currently filling her face.
I've temporarily set up a cam, here at 'SplattCam'
Let me know whether it's working as I've been having hellish problems sorting out my gateway of late.
and yes they are in there somewhere behind one of the folds, probably. Can I go back to sleep now?


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