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I wonder how all this works and how the import from lj-land will go. It took four attempts but looks like it's actually doing something now.
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Kings X - Goldilox (live)

This was going to be Summerland, actually picking a favourite tune by these guys really wouldn’t be easy. Until I found this video which is exactly what I remember happening when I went to see them at Rock City Nottingham in ‘99.

We were singing along to everything, quite a few times they started playing a song and only sang after the first verse. But for Goldilox, as in the video, they just played and we sang the whole thing. It was like some crazy karaoke.

I don’t listen to King’s X as much as I used, by I still love them. These days I listen to so many bands it would be impossible easy to to name a ‘favourite’ but this is from a time when I was younger and was that way inclined. King’s X were that then and I still think they’re fantastic. I’m quite gutted now that I haven’t seen them since. Really gutted to see that they’re playing the UK in a few weeks and I didn’t even know. While I’m lrping away the weekend they play Manchester and Wolves, I wont be the night they’re at the Electric Ballroom. You know how some things happen for a reason? How, something pops up and you just have to do it? I’ve got Whitby this next weekend and it’s a massive highlight of my year, but right now sat here typing this. I’ve got to say if I manage one thing this year, it’s to be there on Tuesday April 12th. *plot*plot*plot*

EDIT -fixed with correct video :0)~
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Afro Celt Sound System Volume 1. - ptA-Soar/Free ptB-News From Nowhere

It’s true, I don’t think I know any music that makes me sleep. But this whole album really helps me to relax. Dim the lights, kick back and fall into this album. It truly is sublime.

And now, another little addition.

Day 11.5 a song that wakes you up!

VNV Nation = Perpetual

For a long time I had this set as my alarm tone on my phone. So now that every time I hear the opening of this song I feel refreshed in a most bizarre way, it is indeed a case of pavlov’s K.

Such an uplifting tune in so many ways. Seeing this video makes me want to see them live again! Have a great Friday out there :0)~
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This isn’t easy, I had this one nailed but needed to steal that song for the other day. So I must find something else and I have less than an hour to do so.

Hot Rocket Trio - LoveCats

Right then, this is just a stunning cover of a great tune. First heard in the Spa at Whitby as played by that there Martin Oldgoth and has been a dancefloor favourite of mine ever since. Shame though as he’s the only one who plays it. So I have to make the most it.

Now I’m tired, let’s all sleep well now and hope that tomorrows choice is a lot less painful :0D~
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Today finds me a little late in posting this. I had, in fact, decided on this one the other day. But it seems that the video of it has disappeared from youtube :0(~ Or it wasn’t on youtube and I can’t remember where I did find it! Either way, it’s a loss as I really wanted to share it with you. It just transports me back to Whitby, last April. The first Whitby of really being in a couple and having a fantastic time together. Discovering the band who then played this fantastic cover.

http://www.ubetoo.com/InIsolation/30242 Go here to hear my favourite tune of theirs. They’re well worth going to see live and you should all go and buy their music from amazon or itunes. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

And so the video? I’ll just have to post the original of the song I started with, it’s a shame as Ryan’s voice really does it justice. I guess you’ll all have to get your arses out to see them live to see I’m right! Check them out of myspace http://www.myspace.com/inisolationband and facebook http://www.facebook.com/inisolationofficial
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NIN - Closer
NSFW etc, swearing nudity and probably stuff people find offensive in there.

Mid to late 90's I regularly used to go to Rock City, this song would always find me up on the stage dancing. Not necessarily at the front of the stage, the back would do. I just became a ritual that when this song started I would head that way and find a little space and just lose myself. Cigarette in hand, oh how did they ever let us smoke in clubs? The beat of the song just takes over, it's quite a magical thing.
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Some-several really.

Vagabonds, nuff said. See you all at the seaside! x

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David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours

Big fan of the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Sakamoto's score. But this version of the theme with David Sylvian's voice is totally sublime. I just can't describe how wonderful it is. Perfect, maybe?
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For years my Dad was after a copy of this song. The late Luke Kelly being his favourite member of The Dubliners. Who also happened to be his favourite band. I found this video on youtube back in April and still can’t quite believe the power of the performance. I don’t think I need to say any more on that. Except it has the same effect on me every time.

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As I'm mainly finding a home for this on my tumblr I forgot to post here yesterday. So!
Day2 - a song that makes me sad.

Tori Amos - Silent all these years.

Sad yes, but in a good way. Pretty much twenty years since I first heard this and it still raises the hairs on the back of neck. So evocative and I don’t think it’s aged a day, even though I have. I just can’t enough of this song.

Day 3 - A song that makes me nostalgic

Back to 1989, my first job as a YT in a record shop. Yes, records people. This really wasn’t the style of music I was into at the time, but it was played a lot in there. Partially down to the owner of the shop also being the manager of The Charlatans, even though they were in their pre Tim Burgess phase as he was coming in to pimp the indie single from his then band The Electric Crayons. I do often wonder just how much those little seven inch circles of vinyl that nobody bought would be worth these days.

Despite all the fantastic music that came out and was around that year, I’m going with this. It just has something wonderful about it and the extended instrumental madness at the end with the telephone just takes me back to being stood behind the counter of Omega Music in crewe at that very tender young age.

I’m now wondering why I didn’t put Debaser in this spot although I’m pretty sure that will find it’s own place in this list.

Until tomorrow my friends.
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But I've seen too many of my friends posting the 30 day song meme for it to be a bad idea. So I'm going to try and do this one, for no other reason than to make my lj a litter fuller than it's been for some time!
Day one - As song that make you happy?
This is going to take some thinking about, mainly as I seem to get most musical enjoyment out of sad songs. Bitter sweet songs of longing that in their sadness bring joy. In a way, possibly.
Actually screw that, I'm going to post this in the hope that I don't see 'a song that makes you dance' later on as this fits the bill for that too.


I'm blaming the fact that I'm barely awake and about to go back to sleep.

ION confused as how I can't seem to make publicly viewable posts on here anymore! Although it seems I can edit the post to be that way. Maybe it's time 'still' to hit my Tumblr good and hard!


Jul. 16th, 2010 02:10 am
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Time to try out this ljapp and see what it can do. text formatting is quit easy

Wow! )

Wonder how it will look when you can do more than simply post to journal along with sending and reading pm's
I think that'll do. I have a massive update in the pipeline shortly.


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I don't post often enough, I've got way to much going on and when I haven't I fill my time with idle tat. But having seen quite a few people I know playing with this forum thingy I thought I'd give it a go.
As it says, Ask me anything, I may even answer.
I hope everyones as well as they want to be, I'm not too bad :o)-
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Help get Half Man Half Biscuit's Joy Division Oven Gloves to Number 6 in the charts to help awareness of the save6music campaign.
When the song got to 6 on the amazon download chart a 6Music logo had apparently appeared next to it and Amazon have dropped the price to 49p!!!
Don't let this opportunity pass download it today!

http://tinyurl.com/y9y2qft £0.49

Also available from iTunes and other downloadey type places too.

http://tinyurl.com/yctec87 £0.79

http://tinyurl.com/yl75egb £0.69

http://tinyurl.com/playJDOG £0.70

Be sure to let your feelings known to the BBC is complaining is your bag...


And be sure to visit...



:partially reposted from the fb group
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It's monday, I'm home and getting ready for work. Don't like work need rest/need money balance is severely out of kilter.
For now let us take the internet back to a more innocent time :o)-

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So figured a post here would widen the audience

crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] uk_bikers
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Went, had fun, came back home.
Met some new people, met up with some old people.
Did some walking, ate some cake.
Went on the speedboat and I was told I needed a more up to date speedboat pic, so here is the first attempt. More may follow depending on whether other pics pop up :o)-
Much love and thanks to every single bod who was a part of my awesome and wonderful holiday!
Same place next April then?
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There was more food including haggis. There was wandering around the shops, Yorkshire curd tart plenty cheese and stunning chili chocolate.
Walking and a wander up the donky path to the abbey.
Then there was Dv80's versus Deviation in the shambles where they may have been a C5 parked outside. The Res followed with more drinking then sleep.
Bizarre Bazaar is open today so proper shopping will commence shortly.
I think that covers it :o)-
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To all my Whitby attending chums,
I'm not doing the main event this time for a few reasons, but I fancy the burlesque show in the spa theatre, who would be up for joining me?
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