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The hottest ticket in town!
Cherry Bomb Burlesque night hits the Pack Horse Hotel on the Twenty Fourth of this month!

Burlesque dancers hit the town!
It's going to be quite a night, what else do you have to do on a Thursday evening?
See you there!!!
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A couple of weeks back, cleverly running out of fuel on the bike just before the heavens opened, my N95 got wet. Now the screen doesn't light up. Anyone have half an N95 knocking around they don't need or a knackered one that might still light up? I've not got the required size driver to open up the sliding screen to see whether the screen has built in lighting or if it's on a circuit board. I know at least a couple of you will probably have had one of these apart so might be able to shed some light (see what I did there?) on this for me.
Cheers in advance :o)~
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Cruxshadows to play Crewe? this needs investigation I think, but I'm at work and too busy! ggrrr

I'll be there anyway, thinking on venue it'll probably be the MClub as the limelight has died a death of late.
I'm speechless... which is why i'm typing

Hope you're all good,
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Everyday we role play

edit Found this too :o)-

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[Poll #1414999]
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Join the Toy Soldiers and help Doctor Steel take over the world and turn it into a Utopian Playland.

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Olives eh? Who'd have thought it :o)~
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It's been far too long :o(-
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How long has the post subject been a linky?
Did I spot it quick? Or am I very very slow?
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I may be behind the times, but I'd not seen it before.

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Grab the nearest book. Find the 5th sentence on page 23. Append it to the paragraph below. Append your name to the list below of people who have contributed to the paragraph. Post the result to your LJ.
Herein lies a tale )
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Most amusing, amusing and cheesy, fans of the Buffy musical episode will love this I think.
One problem though, episode 3 is due to go on-line on Saturday and all is being taken down Sunday night. It's Maelstrom this weekend, will I manage to catch it when I get home, before it disappears in the ether???
Only time will tell!!!
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Mr Joss Whedon is at it again.

Starts some time on the 15th of this month, that's like in just over a day!!!
Spread the word people!!!
That is all
EDIT:-Clicky da piccy!

Weekend win

Jun. 9th, 2008 04:02 pm
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I went I saw I got some froth back. Character choice definitely helped. Being able to role play without having to decide anything and to just in with someone else plans was just what I needed. I'm still unsure as to whether to continue with gnoll but at least the first step is over. Thanks to everyone who helped me through it, I owe you all a biggie.
Plus I managed my first ride of distance on the motorway. It was good.

Oh no

May. 21st, 2008 07:40 pm
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Sweet dreams, Lisa.
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I need a new isp. Any offers or advice?
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I'm working until midnight tonight and so wanted a bit of a lie in. This was not forthcoming, so I decided to watch another episode or two of heroes (after catching up with this week Have I Got News for You on the bbc iplayer, Brian Blessed presenting, go and check it out!).
I've just watched episode 9, so only have two left to go. I hate the cliffhangers so have to go on to the next one. But now I near the end I feel I want to hold back. As much as I want to know what happens next, I really don't want it to end. The end of season cliffhangers are always more painful than the mid season ones. So what to do?
I know what I should do (not really) and wait a little longer. But I wont as I have time now and must know!
Then at least I can spend the next few week catching up on the online comic for it that I've been nowhere near for months.
Hopefully I'll have my new bike by the end of the week, it failed it's MOT on a few things and so we've come to an agreement that I'll pay a little bit more (as the top line price was heading for half the price I'm paying) and the rest will be soaked up by the seller. Even at this price it's a bargain in it's current condition. But with a new brake disc, chain and sprockets I'm even happier.
It's grey, dark grey and I really can't wait to get on it next weekend and head off to You've Been Nabbed just up the road.
Roll on the summer!
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That is all :o)-
oh, and Hancock looks like it might be pretty cool too
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have some cats.
Apart from entertaining this is also pretty educational.

I thank you
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